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10th May - Running challenge, exploring money, independent disaster stories and a visit from the RNLI

Everyday run 

Class 3 have been entering into the spirit of preparation for this year’s Deli Farm run by running an increasing number of laps of the school playing field everyday. They have all really enjoyed the challenge and seeing the visual effect of the aggregation of marginal gains with every extra half lap that they can run over the weeks. Well done children – we beat everyone still sitting on their sofa’s! 


In English Class 3 have continued to piece together their independent disaster stories of the effects of a flood on a family’s cherished home. This week they looked at providing a positive ending with the repainting, replacing and repairing of the ruins. We used drama to step into the shoes of the characters involved and deepen our writing.  


In maths the children used games and puzzles on the laptops to exploring converting, ordering and using moneyWe also discussed the differences between real money and digital currency. The move towards using cards, contactless and online banking means that children have less concrete, physical encounters with real money and more reliance on needing to understanding its concept in an abstract way 

RNLI Safety Assembly 

Children from the whole school were given the opportunity to experience the ongoing vital role of the lifeguards from the RNLI in addition to exploring what they need to do to keep themselves safe near the water. Living in a county that is surrounded on three sides by beautiful, but changeable sea, all the children appreciated the importance of respecting the rules of the beach.