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10th September - Immersion Day

Stepping into the past

Our lens this year is places, as part of this focus children have been investigating more about belonging and home is where the heart is. Many of our children call Delabole home, for this reason we have paid particular focus on the past of Delabole. Children have been learning more about the famous quarry pit and its workforce and how this has shaped the Delabole community. Children were especially interested to learn that Delabole once had a cinema and train station.


The tale of Jack and the slate giant

After the initial first few days establishing slick class routines and building a sense of belonging to the class 1 tribe, we decided to immerse ourselves in the tale of Jack and the slate giant.  

Children listened intently to the tale learning more about the gentle Cornish giant Delyow, of Delyowboll Kernow.  The children met Delyow for the very first time and enjoyed whispering short sentences to him in Cornish.

Children truly became one of the main characters, they played quoits just as Delyow would with his two cousins- Clayton (St Austell, Clay giant) and Constentyn (Tin giant). They heard Cornish shanty songs, built houses made from sticks and bricks and stood tall at the hill of the swallows and sat at the peak of Bronn Wenilli- where they looked down on the silver ribboned streams below. From the concentration and joy on the children’s faces, it was clear that they loved every second.