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13th September - Exploring Delabole

Class 3 Week 1 and 2

A new year and we have said goodbye to some of the children in Class 3 and welcomed in new ones to our little tribe of learners. After a short two days in week 1 establishing routines and discovering a sense of belonging within both Class 3 and the wider school, we have begun to branch out into looking at what it means to belong to a village. Alongside some parent volunteers whom kindly gave up their time to enable our visit to take place, we explored the streets from the High Street, down Pengelly to the Slate Quarry, keeping our eyes out for evidence of change and possible innovation over the years. Mrs Morris shared the nuggets of vital memories from both her childhood in Delabole, as well as those offered up to us from others. It was astonishing how many different facilities were available in Delabole in times past and we begin to ask the question, “does change always lead to improvement?” As we discover more of the living history around us, we would love to invite others in to share their memories and thoughts.