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14th June - Learning in Class

This week in Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of presenting data in block graphs. We began the week by investigating different ways to present data about our class and deciding on the most efficient way. The children worked together as a group to decide how they could present data only using themselves. First they decided on getting into groups but realised that standing in lines shows the data more clearly. We built block graphs using sticky notes and answered questions on our findings. We enjoyed using smarties to build block graphs and investigate the statement ‘Smarties have the same amount of each colour in every box.’  We really focussed on ‘finding the difference’ between sets of data and we used the smarties to help us with this.


In our writing lessons we used the story of The Tempest as a catalyst to write in role as Miranda. We enjoyed acting as Miranda and watching a short scene from the film The Tempest. This gave the children the inspiration to challenge themselves to use beautiful phrases of description to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. In addition to this we reached for the Blossom on our Learning Tree by carefully editing our own writing with the support of a learning partner.