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1st March

Opening Pandora’s Box

The children experienced the agonising temptation of wondering whether they should open the box gifted to them by the Gods. What would they let free into the World? They discussed who held the power in the original story and if we are just “puppets of fate” or responsible for our own decisions.

A Catalyst for change

We also went back to Ancient Greece to research the beginnings of democracy and ask the question, “Can one person make a difference?” Using the dominoe effect, we visually saw how each individual can be that “catalyst for change”. 

Myth, Fable or Legend?

Class 3 worked in groups to direct and perform their version of a well-known myth, fable or legend. The audience enjoyed three different animated and dramatic versions of Orpheus and Eurydice, The Beast of Bodmin Moor as well as The Boy Who Cried Wolf.