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26th April - Kindness


Class 3 stepped into the well worn dancing shoes of a child from Kielder Valley. They explored what life was like in this beautiful village and the importance of music and nature on the daily lives lived there.  Later there was a surprising announcement; that they would have to leave their homes and community, never to return to those rooms, meadows and river banks where so many happy memories had been formed. The children examined the personal impact of this and considered carefully what objects they would take with them in their battered leather suitcases to serve as an everlasting reminder of a lost home!

They then had the chance to find out the reason for their evacuation – the valley was to be flooded, a dam built and a reservoir created in order to ensure that the nearby expanding cities of Tyne and Wear could have future supplies of clean, fresh water.  Each child was given a lanyard and became a Civil Engineer, Scientist or Geologist responsible to debate the difficult decision ahead. What choice is “Kind”? How can the actions that a community make now, impact the future for everyone?