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27th September - We are Readers

We are . . . Readers.

This week we would like to share with you some of the Guided Reading that are imaginations are inspired by in our Class.


Our Collaborative Class Poem  - Class 3

In my grandfather’s room, you will see . . .

A carved wooden chair, propped against the wall, desperate for it’s owner to arrive,

Leather bound diaries, towering up like giants,

An old, dusty record player, waiting patiently to burst into song,

A worn out, black typewriter, longing for fingers tips to make it dance,

Torn, crumpled scrolls, peeking out of damaged glass cabinets,

A chandelier that sparkles out it’s graceful beauty, like a peacock preening it’s feathers,

An ancient grandfather clock, peering out longingly, watching time fly past,

A leather chair, exhausted by the decades of sharing stories.

A pewter tankard, stood to attention on the sideboard, ready for battle,

A plush, plump footstool, cowering in the corner, like a quivering dog.

Silver tipped golf clubs, peering out of the leather bag, like a pack of curious meercats,

A heavy iron cash register, mouth wide open, ready to gobble up paper money,

An ornamental carved elephant, gazing out of the window like an abandoned cat,

A discarded broken golf club, lurking in the corner, longing to strike a pitted leather ball once more.

A rusty station clock, that has seen better days, resting like an exhausted soldier against the stained mustard walls.