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8th March

English – writing our own versions of The Myth of King Midas

The children collaborated in small groups and pairs to explore writing their own versions of the Greek myth of King Midas this week. They created story boards, which they proudly shared with one another and took on the role of supportive critics. They wrote constructive feedback to help their partners develop their stories further.

 Maths – measurement

In maths we were finding the perimeter of shapes both regular and rectilinear. They built on their skills to problem solve, enabling them to find the perimeter of shapes with missing lengths.

 Celebrating World Book Day – Book in a Jar

We had a wildly successful World Book Day this year, with nearly every child in each class throughout the school bringing in their own version of a book in a jar. The jars were amazing and really captured the essence of the each treasured read beautifully. Later on in the day they were able to view the whole school contributions in our jar gallery as well as try to guess as many books correctly as possible.  From their smiles, focused interest and enthusiasm it was clear that they truly loved every minute