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Within the Foundation Stage classroom, children are welcomed into our school tribe - the Tribe of Delabole - where they are supported to become, as we call them, Learning Warriors. Learning Warriors use our whole school Learning Toolkit - eight essential skills or qualities for learning - to challenge themselves and question the world around them. We in Early Years believe that these qualities are essential to promote effective, independent lifelong learning, and these skills are transferable to new experiences as the children grow up through their school and beyond.

Early Years provides every child with a series of carefully designed, unique experiences in which to learn through play and exploration. Alongside taught adult directed elements, the children's interests play a vital role in sculpting our learning journey throughout the year.

Each term, the whole school delves into an Enquiry - or Big Question - which Early Years practitioners adapt to meet the needs of our children and tap into their interests.

For the start of the summer term, the children have unlocked their creativity in a variety of ways. Their Jackson Pollock inspired art work has been a particular favourite.  We planted the seed of creativity focusing on the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk in order to encourage the children to stretch their imagination. Our enquiry question; Where will your creativity take you? Has lead the children to consider what might be beyond the clouds and where their imagination could take them. 

Mrs Leah Dickinson

Class Teacher

Mrs Sharon Cousens

Teaching Assistant

Miss Laurie Carnon

Teaching Assistant