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London Residential

First day of our London residential, arrived in good time. Under spectacular blue skies London was dazzling whilst we visited the Houses of Parliament and took in the incredible architecture. Our evening was spent settling down on the Lord Amory and preparing for the exciting events to follow.
All ship shape on the Lord Amory! There was a fantastic sunset in the Docklands yesterday evening with the children in high spirits as they enjoyed the dramatic setting. We enjoyed some iconic sights in London, were inspired by the beauty of the paintings in the National Gallery, and experienced all the excitement of a theatre performance. Matilda was fantastic and it was so good to revisit a painting we have learnt about in school. Imagine being only centimetres away from Turner's 'The Fighting Temeraire'. 
Another amazing action packed day around our wonderful capital. We enjoyed the beautiful St Paul's Cathedral where we climbed the dome to the top, a sightseeing walk and a visit to Westminster Abbey. To top it off we experienced a journey in a capsule with 360 degrees views of London's iconic skyline from the world famous London Eye, and finally a cruise down the River Thames learning about London's famous landmarks.
Our last day of a wonderful visit to London ended with a drama session at the Tower of London learning about the events which led to the Norman Conquest, then onto the Shakespeare Globe theatre where we focused on a Midsummer night's dream. Thank you London...until next time