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Within our Reception classroom, children learn how to really belong to our school tribe - the Tribe of Delabole - where they are supported to become 'Learning Warriors'. 

Learning Warriors use our school's Learning Toolkit - the eight essential dispositions for learning - to challenge themselves and question the world in which they live. We believe that these qualities are essential to promote effective, independent lifelong learning, and these skills are transferable to new experiences as the children grow up through school and beyond.

Staff in our team work hard to provide every child with a series of carefully designed experiences in which they learn through play, exploration, and the development of fundamental skills. Alongside taught, adult directed elements, every child's individual interests play a vital role in sculpting their learning journey throughout the year.

Each term, the whole school delves into an Enquiry Project and the majority of our learning is linked to this 'Big Question'. Staff in the Reception team carefully adapt this project to meet the needs of our younger learners, drawing on their natural wonder and curiosity in order to foster an enduring love of learning.  


Miss Marshall

Class Teacher

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Class Teacher

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Teaching Assistant

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Teaching Assistant

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