Senior Head of School Welcome


A Beautiful Tapestry of Learning

As Senior Head of School at Delabole Primary School, I feel proud and privileged to share with you some of the unique characteristics of our learning community. Alongside, Mr James Pritchard - Head of School - I have brought together a dedicated staff who are aspirational for themselves as educators, and for our children. Together with our closely partnered school -Tintagel Primary - we have shaped a unique Enquiry Curriculum that is interwoven with our twelve Core Values. It is a curriculum shaped to ensure that our children leave us with a set of deep humanitarian values and a global mind set for 21st century citizenship.

This is a vibrant, happy school with a strong sense of identity, where learning is brought to life through rich, memorable experiences and a strong sense of innovation. We seek out inspiration for ourselves and for our children, and we believe that creative thinking is a powerful catalyst for curiosity, wonder and personal challenge in every aspect of our learning environment.

That said, we never forget that our parents are the primary educators of their children - they know them best of all - and we strive to create really strong relationships built on trust so that, in partnership, we can meet the needs of every child. Our fundamental commitment is to ˜hear the voice of the child' in all that we do.

And I am delighted to say that our children bring with them their voices, their unique personalities and a wealth of individual talent. We believe it is our core purpose to ensure that they feel secure and confident so that they are able to strive for multiple excellences in small ways throughout every day. We want them to find delight in their learning, we want them to be open-minded and we hope to be the catalyst which opens doors to all that the world has to offer.

Sue Cox 

Delabole Primary School
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