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Our school building sits at the heart of our community and is a truly iconic Grade 2 Listed 'school house' which has undergone quite a transformation over the past two years, having had a long and varied history.

The school was opened in 1879. It was built in an early Gothic Style, comprising a central block with wings and a turret with an open octagonal belfry, surmounted by a spire. It was inspired by a drawing from Sylvanus Travail, a well known London Architect in his time. The building is substantially unchanged to this day on the outside, but many refurbishments have happened over time inside, to make the classrooms and hall as modern as possible, and fit for learning in the 21st century.

A new classroom was added on the back in 1997, and a further extension was built in 2004. There is a large playing field at the back of the school, which is used for football, cricket and athletics, and a safe play area in the summer months.

To the side of the school is our Science and Nature garden, which was designed by the children and created with the help of our loyal community. The children help to maintain it as an outdoor learning environment throughout the year and we are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, vegetable/fruit garden and sensory trail which pupils run and maintain. 

In addition, we have a newly refurbished Early Years and Forest School garden, complete with story-telling circle and firepit. This is a place for exploration, imaginative play, den building and performance - a very important space shared by all - especially our Wild Tribe children.

Finally, tucked away in a hidden glade, under the canopy of trees which cast dappled shade over the ferns and wild garlic, is the jewel in our crown - our Delabole Giant. The Giants Glade is a place of magic and story-telling, Created as part of an arts partnership about 10 years ago, our giant slumbers with just his eyes and head visible above the undergrowth. He can be viewed from various vantage points and his brilliant, bejewelled eyes gaze back - filling us with wonder!

We are very lucky to have such a beautiful building - it is a great source of pride for staff, pupils and community. It gives us a sense of belonging and defines the everyday uniqueness of our learning. For all these reasons, we have chosen it as the logo for our 'Tribe of Delabole' and we wear its colours with pride.


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