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Delabole Primary is a small school, located between ancient moorland and the rugged coastline of beautiful North Cornwall. The listed building is of historic interest and its north Cornish heritage is reflected in its construction. Community is written into every fibre of our school and we are fiercely proud of its strong identity. This is a working place where local children often follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents as they journey through our school. We are very aware of our role as custodians, not only of this precious building, but also of generations of children who understand what it is to truly ‘belong’ here.

Because our sense of place is so deeply rooted in context, the integrity of our curriculum is bound up in our local identity. That said, we are relentlessly ambitious for our children – and for ourselves as educators. Our staff seek out inspirational opportunities to enrich learning and our children are encouraged to meet each new challenge and encounter with open minds and hearts. It is our intention that our pupils gain a strong sense of self so that they are able to confidently form their ideas and opinions. In combining their voices with those of their friends, they grow to understand what it means to contribute to a learning community. As they mature, their experiences ripple out so that by the time they leave us, they understand their place in the world as global citizens.

This website will offer you a glimpse of how we shape learning – it is a window on the world but equally a mirror we hold up to the children in celebration of what it means to achieve.

Mr Pritchard / Head of School

Delabole Primary School
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