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Delabole Anti-Bullying Council

At Delabole Primary School, we work hard to maintain a caring environment where all children feel safe. We consider this to be everyone's responsibility - we all have ownership of this.

We strongly believe that bullying is totally unacceptable and all work together to support children to be able to share their worries with us so that we can tackle them head on as a team - both adults and pupils together.

In order to support children further and promote pupil leadership, we have an active Anti-Bullying Council. This is made up of children selected from each class who are available to talk to whenever necessary. They are the eyes and ears of the playground and take their roles very seriously. Pupils in the school know who they are and understand they can talk to them about any friendship issues or bullying incidents they have witnessed or experienced. This group of leaders meet regularly to discuss with a key adult any issues that have been brought to their attention or to comment on areas within the school that they believe need improving.

Below are some of our thoughts on what bullying is and what you can do if you think you are being bullied. We have also compiled a list of helpful websites for you to use to find out more.


Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour which happens over a period of time. We use the mnemonic STOP: Several Times On Purpose to help us define it. It can present itself in many forms:

Verbal - name calling, teasing, inappropriate comments, threatening language, taunting

Physical - hitting, pushing, kicking, pinching, spitting, tripping, taking or breaking someone's things, making mean or rude gestures

Emotional/Social - leaving someone out on purpose, telling other children not to be friends with someone, spreading rumours, embarrassing someone in public

Cyber - using any electronic device e.g. phones, tablets, computers etc. to verbally or emotionally bully someone. This includes on social media such as Facebook and Instagram as well as other apps such as imessage, Snapchat and other group messages.

Racist - any harm or offensive action towards someone because of their skin colour, cultural or religious background or ethnic origin.


Tell someone that you trust. This can be:

  • A teacher or any other adult in the school (TAs, Lunchtime supervisors, office staff)
  • A member of the Anti Bullying Council
  • A friend
  • A family member

Keep a record - keep any unkind texts or  messages you receive


  • Help them to tell an adult or tell someone for them. Don't let it carry on.
  • Support them - be a friend (pair up with them, sit next to them, play with them so they don't feel alone or excluded)
  • Give them some privacy - they might not want to talk about it with you; don't be nosy!
  • Help them to realise that it isn't their fault; don't blame them.

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