Class 2

Miss Morse

Class Teacher

Miss Smale

Class Teacher

Miss Hall

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Class 2
As learners, we strive to become ‘diving beetles’ into each new enquiry where we think wisely and curiously about every question. Throughout each new enquiry we question what kind of learners we want to be and how we can approach challenges inside and outside the classroom, with talk of resilience, open-mindedness, risk taking and independence. We celebrate mistakes as part of the process of learning.

Class 2 know that in order to ‘grow our brain’ we will find ourselves in the 'learning pit' when we take on new challenges and ideas. We understand that every learner takes a different path to becoming a learning warrior and we can always talk about the successes in our own learning and when we must ‘try, try, try again’.  However, some challenges can sometimes seem too large to conquer on our own, which is where our friends or teachers can help us when we really need them.

Together we are striving to be the best that we can be

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